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Abebe Ayetenfisu

Name: Abebe Ayetenfisu

Age: 14

Grade: 5th

Abebe is born and raised in Addis Ababa, around Megenagna area with his three siblings. His parents got divorced when he was very young.

Life has been very difficult for the family with a single mother as a head. So Abebe run out from home to find some means of income and to sustain himself. On the streets he made friends who later joined Hold My Hand. On holiday eves Abebe used to be invited to family programs that took place at the children’s new home.

Abebe is now happy and safe at Hold my Hand; he is attending school. He is now in a condition where he cannot go back home due to the unresolved financial status of his family. Therefore he will be staying at Hold My Hand for a while until things are well resolved at home. In the mean time, Abebe will be provided with basic necessities: food, shelter and clothing; and a good condition where he could do well in his education at Hold My Hand.

Get to know Abebe

  • What is your favorite subject in school and why?

Social studies, because it is about the nature of human beings and their origin.

  • What do you wish to be when you grow up?

Soccer player, because playing soccer makes me happy when I play it.

  • What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Reading story books, playing soccer

  • What is your favorite food?

Tibs, Doro, Dulet, Firfir

  • Who is your role model? Who do you wish to be like and why?

I want to be like Christiano Ronaldo. And this is because he is one of the best soccer players so he motivates me to become a good soccer player.

  • Favorite thong to watch on TV?

Soccer games and shows, movies

  • If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

A Chimpanzee, because it is a very smart animal.

  • What is your favorite color?


  • What is your favorite song?

Liwegagn telat kebogn (Yosef Kassa), Tariken Keyari  (Zerfe Kebede)

  • If you had all the power in the world to do whatever you wanted for 12 hours, what would you do?

I would save people by telling them the gospel of Jesus Christ. I would do this to make God happy.

  • If you could give advice to other street children your age, what would you say to them?

I would give them advice to protect themselves from different addictions and I would also tell them about God.